The Russian Cultural Center “Our Texas” is a unique organization that brings thrilling live music concerts, symphony performances, art and photography exhibits, documentary film screenings and festivals, artistic workshops and language lessons to the Texas community.

An outpouring of community generosity enabled RCC to be positioned for fiscal health and future growth. A wide array of donor groups support RCC, demonstrating that this new landmark belongs to the entire Texas community.

Our growing reputation as a Texas arts organization is a tribute to the collective vision of those who appreciate and support the Russian culture. The investment of our sponsors and volunteers is a testament to Texas as a diverse and dynamic culturally rich community.

Please help us build our legacy of artistic growth, service, inspiration, and give a gift to ensure your children and grandchildren have a future filled with culture and arts by making a gift to the Russian Cultural Center “Our Texas.”

What We've Accomplished

Since our creation in 2003, RCC has grown from a personal dream of our founder, Sophia Grinblat, into a dynamic team of board members dedicated to bringing diverse Russian cultural events to Texas. In 2007, RCC opened a venue in the heart of the Houston Museum District area, which serves as a refuge for local art lovers, exhibition space, workshop classroom, concert hall and film screening site. Our other event venues include Jones Hall, Wortham Center, Texas universities and local community centers.

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