Concert of Alexander Gorodnitsky

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WHEN: April 23, 2011   at 6:30pm

WHERE: St. Thomas University, Jones Hall (3910 Yoakum Blvd.; Houston, TX 77006)

TICKETS: $30, $25 – for students and seniors can be purchased in Russian General Store or
RCC “Our Texas”

RCC Our Texas, 2337 Bissonnet Houston, TX 77005, 713-395-3301
Russian General Store, 9629 Hillcroft Houston TX 77096, 713-665-1177

Alexander Gorodnitsky is one of the most regarded and respected authors of Russian bard songs.

A man who reflects the whole epoch…
A life legend of bard music…

You can hardly find one who doesn’t know his songs, which became folksy. “Above Canada”, “Snow”, “Atlantics” are sung by everyone.

The songs and poems by Gorodnitsky are always sincere and frank: free of a single false note, and revealing high professionalism, deep insight into life and history, along with exquisite poetic gift.

This year Alexander Gorodnitsky is having a tour around America presenting his new album “Meeting the Destiny”. Cheerful, full of strength Gorodnitsky will perform well-known masterpieces as well as new songs.

For more information, call 713-395-3301 or e-mail

Event Sponsors

City of Houston

Houston Arts Alliance

This project is funded in part by a grant of the City of Houston through the Houston Art Alliance

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