3rd Annual Russian Documentary Film Showcase “IMAGES OF RUSSIA”

When: October 19-24, 2009

Russian Cultural Center “Our Texas” is pleased to announce its 3rd Annual Russian Documentary Film Showcase in Texas “Images of Russia”.

The latest works of independent Russian movie makers will be screened in four cities in Texas – Houston, Dallas, Austin and College Station.

We will present the following movies: “Revolution that wasn’t” (2008) by talented young director Aliona Polunina, “Our Motherland” by internationally renowned film-maker Vitaly Mansky, “Strolls with Brodsky” by E. Yakovich and A. Shishov, “The nine forgotten songs” by Galina Krasnoborova, “Hostages of the Future” by Roman Carmen Jr. and Andrey Shemyakin and “Chagall’s Passions” by Andrey Melnikov.

The major Texas universities will participate and host the movie screenings: University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M, South Methodist University at Dallas and Houston Baptist University.

Each movie presentation will be accompanied by the lecture and Q/A session with our honored guests. Our guests are: director Aliona Polunina – author of “Revolution that wasn’t”, and Andrey Shemyakin – the well-known movie critic, film scholar, producer, and  the author and host  of “Documentary Camera” TV program.

The Documentary Film Showcase schedule:

October 19: “Revolution that wasn’t”– UT/Austin.

October 20: “Hostages of the Future”, “Chagall’s Passions”– SMU/Dallas

October 20: “Revolution that wasn’t”– UT/Arlington.

October 21: “Revolution that wasn’t”– Texas A&M/College Station

October 22: “Our Motherland” – Houston Baptist University

October 23: “Strolls with Brodsky”, “The nine forgotten songs” and “Chagall’s Passions” – Houston Baptist University

October 24:  “Revolution that wasn’t” – Houston Baptist University

Event Sponsors

City of Houston

Houston Arts AllianceThis project is funded in part by a grant of the City of Houston through the Houston Art Alliance

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