“Indian Summer” Varpakhovski Theater

“Indian Summer” is a funny and touching story about three
Jewish women who live in New York. A long time friendship
connects their families. Laughter, tears, love, happiness and
sadness go through their life. Each of their meetings is a
cascade of hilarious situations in which these colorful characters of
are portrayed.

The delicate plot of this play is full of warm and irreplaceable
Jewish humor. “Indian Summer” is an unforgettable theatrical
performance with bright characters, beautiful settings, costumes
and music played by outstanding actors.

Producer G. Ziskin. Artist D. Borovsky. Playing: Yekaterina Raykina, Anna Varpakhovskaya,
Lidiya Yaremchuk,  Mikhail Yanushkevich, Svetlana Golovina.

“Indian Summer” was in Houston at JCC Kaplan Theater, 5601 South Braeswood Houston, TX 77096 on
November 13, Monday. Tickets by phone 713-395-3301

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