Bi-2is one of the most prominent acts on the contemporary Russian rock-scene. Their glorious history began in Belorussia, 1985, when a group of youngsters, instead of drinking themselves to oblivion, set up shocking plays by Boris Vian, Beckett and Ionescu.

After the administration of the Palace of the Pioneers completely stopped them, the youngsters started to play music, instead. A kid called Shura and another called Lyova got together, and made satirical reggae pieces about Lenin and the Party, and other things. At some point they both immigrated to Israel and then Australia, where they successfully continued their music explorations. Their songs were selected for the soundtrack of “Brother2”, a smash-hit by Russian film-maker Alexej Balabanov. The film signified Bi-2 “star come-back” in Russia. In later times, Bi-2 style has evolved into a kind of bombastic pop-rock, however, “My rock-n-roll – a duet with Yulia Chicherina – is a completely different slow melodic ballad. Some of the pieces (like “Not too late” and “Heart”) are not very far from the genre some people call ‘rage rock’. They are coming to USA fall tour with their new album “Moloko”, which means “Milk”. Group will attend Houston, San Francisco, New York, Boston and Chicago.

Russian rock band Bi-2 was in Houston with their new program “Milk” at Engine Roon, 1515 Pease Houston, TX on October 7, Saturday.

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